Some companies advertise instant payday loans, but are they really instant?

An offer of instant cash sounds too good to be true, and probably is. It means that your application may have only been checked by a piece of software. Without proper checking the payday lender will probably be more likely to reject you or not be carrying out thorough enough checks to make sure the loan is affordable for you.

We believe in being fast but thorough. If we offer you a payday instalment loan, you will know that a real person at our UK office has reviewed your application. We can then make a careful decision and in most cases, have the money in your account the same day. You can also ring us on 0113 887 3434 within normal business hours if you have any questions or want to speak to a real person about your payday loan.

Are there any hidden costs for your payday instalment loan?

No! All payday lenders and firms who operate in the High Cost Short Term Credit market are now subject to strict criteria when making a loan to a customer. From 2nd January 2015, no borrower will ever pay back more than twice what they borrow, and someone taking out a loan for 30 days and repaying on time will not pay more than £24 in fees and charges per £100 borrowed.

If you want to check the firm you are dealing with is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority you can check the Financial Services Register.

Will an advance be available next time?

We believe that you should be happy with your loan and the service that you receive and if you need another payday instalment loan we hope you will think of us first. Subject to our assessment we may be able to offer returning customers additional credit limits.

Our Responsible Lending and Treating Customers Fairly policy can be found at the bottom of every page on our website and if you need more help, we are only a phone call away.