Jargon Buster - What Does All The Jargon And Terminology Mean?

Adequate Explanations Document

Before we can process your loan application we must provide you with some important information known in law as an 'adequate explanation' about your proposed loan. You should read this document carefully along with the Pre-Contract Credit Information (PRECCI), which together make up the pre-contractual information.


Stands for "Annual Percentage Rate of Charge" and relates to the interest you are required to pay on the amount you have borrowed plus any other charges expressed as an annual rate of charge.


In this case is a contract containing the terms of your loan between you the customer and CASH4UNOW.CO.UK. By signing your contract you are committing to make the repayments stipulated in your agreement on the agreed dates. It is imperative you read the terms and conditions of your agreement before you enter into your contract.


When your repayment is overdue. This could lead to the credit reference agencies being updated with late payments and may affect your credit file. If you find you are struggling to maintain your contractual repayments then talk to the Citizens Advice Bureau (www.citizensadvice.org.uk) or StepChange Debt Charity (www.stepchange.org) who can help you to sort out your finances.


Continuous Payment Authority. A CPA allows a business to take a series of payments using a customer's debit card or credit card without having to seek express authorisation for every payment. You will find a full explanation of this method of collecting repayment in the pre-contractual documentation and your credit agreement. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Credit Reference Agencies. Companies who collect financial data about you and how you manage your existing credit. This information is shared with financial institutions to help them assess your ability to repay a loan or other credit based financial product.

Debit Card

The card associated with your bank or building society account. There is no credit involved and transactions are debited from your account within 1-2 days of the debit card being used.

Early Repayment

When you repay money you have borrowed prior to the agreed date. CASH4UNOW.CO.UK will not charge you a penalty for any early repayments you wish to make.

Faster Payments

We use the Faster Payments service to send payments from CASH4UNOW.CO.UK into our customers' bank accounts. Payments should clear within 2 hours. There are still some banks that do not use the Faster Payments service, in these isolated cases, payments may take 1-3 days to clear.

Instalment Loan

An agreement between you the customer and us CASH4UNOW.CO.UK to borrow funds over an agreed, extended period of time and make equal monthly repayments for the term of the loan as specified in your loan contract.

Interest Rate

The amount you pay for borrowing and is expressed as a percentage of the value of the loan you have taken out


Money CASH4UNOW.CO.UK lends you subject to the terms of the Agreement . CASH4UNOW.CO.UK offers short-term instalment loans.

Payday Loan

A loan which is due for repayment in full on the day of your next payday.

Payday Instalment Loan

A loan which is due to be repaid in equal instalments over an agreed period of months. CASH4UNOW.CO.UK offers Payday Instalment Loans of four or six months duration.

Representative APR

We are required by law to display a Representative APR that reflects at least 51% of loans made as a result of website applications. The representative example displays standard information, again required by law, and is based on loan durations and amounts that are representative of our business.


This stands for 'Pre-Contract Credit Information' and, together with the Adequate Explanations Document forms the pre-contract information given to you in advance of your loan contract. You should read this document (together with the Adequate Explanations Document) carefully. The PRECCI is presented in a format required by law, making it easier to compare features of different loans if you wish to do so.