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Applying for an instalment payday loan (Representative 1307% APR) is simple and straightforward. The online application form takes a few minutes to complete and you will then receive an online decision in principle.

We will contact you by email/sms or phone call to update you on the progress of your application and to let you know if we need any further information from you.

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You should only include expenses you are responsible for, so, for example if you share a house and you pay half the rent, use the amount you pay. Only include the full household expenses if you are responsible for paying these.

This is the amount you receive in your bank account after tax, national insurance and any pension contributions have been deducted. If you have been furloughed you must input the amount of the furlough pay you receive in your bank account
Enter the monthly amount you pay towards your mortgage, rent or board payment.
Enter the monthly amount you pay towards credit cards, store cards/catalogues and budget accounts, personal or secured personal loans, debt collection, home credit, car finance, hire purchase (HP), payday loans, instalment loans, mail orders and overdraft charges.
Including gas / electric / water rates / oil / coal / council tax. Enter the monthly amount you pay towards these bills.
Any / all Travel (Bus / Car / Taxi) – enter the monthly amount you spend on public transport (work, school, shopping etc) and include any CAR EXPENSES - including vehicle tax, fuel (petrol, diesel, oil etc), MOT and car maintenance, breakdown or recovery, parking charges or tolls.
Enter the monthly amount you spend on food, cleaning and toiletries, newspapers and magazines, cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, laundry and dry cleaning, clothing and footwear, nappies and baby items, pet food and meals at work.
Enter the monthly amount you pay towards any of the following: insurances (buildings, contents, life, car, health, pet etc), personal pension (non – workplace), health (including dentist, glasses and prescriptions), house maintenance, hairdressing, and other appliance rental, lottery, hobbies / leisure / sport, gifts, vet bills.
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Here at Cash4unow we take your privacy seriously and will only use the personal information you provide to manage your account, and to provide the products and services you have requested from us. This includes sharing data with credit reference agencies (CRAs) and fraud prevention agencies (FPAs) to make lending decisions and to help prevent fraud and money laundering.

To learn more about the data we collect click here and how it may be used click here. The CRAS have produced a standard Credit Reference Agency Information Notice (CRAIN) which sets out how data will be processed by the three CRAs - TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

For links to CRAIN click here

From time to time we would like to contact you about other services we may provide. If you consent to CASH4UNOW.CO.UK contacting you for this purpose please tell us how you would like us to contact you (you can select one or more than one method) Please tick the boxes against the method or methods you would like us to use: